2nd Joint ASA Upstate New York Mini Conference
ASA Upstate New York Mini Conference

ASA Upstate New York Mini Conference 2013

April 06th, 2013  – Rochester Institute of Technology

2nd Annual Mini Conference of Upstate New York Chapters of the ASA

Celebrating the Ever Expanding Fields of Applications of Statistical Science

You are cordially invited to submit a contributed research or review paper to UP-STAT 2013, the Second Annual Mini Conference of the Upstate New York Chapters of the American Statistical Association (A.S.A), which will be held at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, on April 06th, 2013.

With the year 2013 being declared the “International Year of Statistics”, We accordingly chose our conference theme for this year’s to be “Statistics Without Borders”, with the sub-theme “Celebrating the Ever Expanding Fields of Applications of Statistical Science.” We are interested in all submissions that demonstrate the variety of ways in which statistics has grown and expanded over the years to help solve all kinds of problems in all kinds of fields.

Selected Themes of The Conference:

  • Applied Statistics

    Manuscripts dealing with applications of Statistics in Medicine, Sports, Commerce, Marketing, Social Networks, Psychology, Engineering, Biology, Religion, etc … are welcome

  • Computational Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning

    Computers have greatly changed the field of statistics. Supervised learning tools like Support Vector Machines for instance have just as many statistical aspects as they have computing and optimization aspects. Consider submitting a manuscript that presents a technique at the interface of computing, machine learning and statistics. Emphasis on applications is strongly encouraged.

  • Statistics Education

    We are welcoming manuscripts featuring the most recent findings and approaches in Statistics Education,from the statistical analysis of instructional approaches to multivariate analyses of attitudes toward statistics

  • Data Mining and the Big Data Era
    The easy availability of datasets of every increasing size has caused Statistical Science to extend and expand its horizons with theoretical and practical new ways to handle massive datasets. We are looking for interesting papers and presentations where statistics is applied on gigabytes or even terabytes of data. Papers on Big Data Regression,Classification and Clustering are welcome.
  • Statistical Theory

    If you have a presentation that can help our attendees understand landmark/milestone statistical concepts, in the spirit and style of papers published in the American Statistician, consider submitting your manuscript to us.

As you prepare your manuscript, please keep in mind that the focus is not on technical rigor, but instead on clarity of exposition and ease of access by our audience, which will have a substantial number of students and AP Statistics teachers. As a matter of fact, we strongly
encourage AP teachers and students to participate actively. Manuscripts must at most 8 pages long, and should be prepared in accordance with the template provided on the conference website at


Your paper should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. The deadline for the submission of manuscript is December 31, 2012, and notification of acceptance will be sent out on January 30, 2013. To submit your manuscript, please send a pdf version of it to the chair of the conference organizing committee,

Dr Ernest Fokoué, email:

ernest.fokoue@rit.edu – Indicate UP-STAT 2013 as your title.

Keynote Speaker:

This year, we are tremendously fortunate to have Professor George Michailidis

Professor George Michailidis is world class statistical scientist with expertise in early all areas of Statistics. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association, one of the greatest honors bestowed on statistical scientists, and he is also an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), yet another distinct honor carrying great merit. Professor Michailidis has written several dozens of great papers published in some of the greatest international journals, he is Editor or Associate Editor of several journals and has directed many PhD graduates who are themselves distinct faculty members at universities around the world. Professor Michailidis combines his solid Mathematics background with both first class statistical mastery and distinct computing skills, and is a regular contributor to the mighty R statistical environments where he has packages co-authored with current and past graduate students and colleagues.


Dr Ernest Fokoué
Chair of the Organizing Committee